Reynard Cleaning & Disinfection Wipes

Reynard Cleaning & Disinfection Wipes

RHS209 (RHS 225)

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£9.60 inc. VAT

Reynard Cleaning & Disinfection Wipes are designed as convenient, pre-impregnated wipes. Ready for use, no complex preparation of solutions, nor dilution of disinfectants required. A single product which both cleans and disinfects in one easy step. Alcohol and Chlorine free. Non-tainting and fragrance-free to avoid any tainting problems should food be placed in contact with a wiped surface. For use anywhere, where cross-contamination may be an issue. 

Specifically designed, to provide high-level disinfection against a wide variety of micro-organisms. Thus ideal for cleaning of hard surfaces and equipment, providing 99.99% effective protection. Compact size canister dispenser for easy placement within clinical environments, workplace, kitchens and washrooms.

* Testing data available upon request.

✔ Alcohol free – can be safely used on vinyl, leather, acrylic and other soft surfaces which could be damaged by the use of harsh chemicals.

✔ Chlorine free

✔ Non tainting – fragrance free

✔ Tested and effective against 99.9% of common germs*

✔ Re-sealable flip-top lid for improved moisture retention

✔ Wipes available in 2 different sizes 

✔ 225 large wipes per bucket

  • Care/Rest Homes
  • Child Care/Nursery Sector
  • Gym & Keep-Fit Sector
  • Health Care Sector
  • Hospitality & Catering Sector
  • Public Amenities
  • Your Home Environment
Wipes per pack225
Wipe Size25 x 28cm
Carton Size4 buckets