Reynard Compostable Injection Tray

Reynard Compostable Injection Tray

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£19.50 inc. VAT


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£19.50 inc. VAT

Compostable Injection Tray diverts waste from landfill as they are made of 100% Sugarcane bagasse, medical grade quality, and complies with EN13432 for compostability.

✔ One compartment tray

✔ Single use to avoid cross-contamination and support infection control practices

✔ Smooth inner base designed for easy wiping before use

✔ Durable structure

✔ Water resistant 3

✔ Puncture resistant 3

✔ Compostable in 90 days 4

✔ Holds liquid for over 24 hours 2

✔ Latex, wax and plastic free 

  • 20cm L x 7cm W x 2.85 H
  • Weight 25g