Reynard Super-Soft Disposable Patient Wipes

Reynard Super-Soft Disposable Patient Wipes

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£5.70 inc. VAT

Reynard’s Super Soft Wipes are suitable for everyday cleansing, they are soft, strong and highly absorbent so ideal for cleansing all areas of the body, especially fragile or delicate skin.

Fragile and delicate skin can be damaged by parabens, alcohol, detergents and chlorine contained in standard wet wipes. By using Reynard’s Super Soft Wipes with either water or a suitable lotion you can ensure that your skin is cared for and protected by avoiding harsh chemicals.

Simply dampen these wipes with water or lotion and use them for cleansing …

  • Babies delicate areas
  • Elderly fragile skin
  • Face and body

Using these wipes as part of your daily cleansing routine could help to reduce the potential risk of inflammation and common skin conditions like nappy rash and eczema.

These wipes are our most durable and can be used multiple times (if laundered).

✔ Spun Lace non woven

✔ Re-usable (if laundered)

✔ Soft

✔ Strong

✔ Highly absorbent

✔ Gentle on fragile and delicate skin

  • Care/Rest Homes
  • Child Care / Nursery Sector
  • Gym & Leisure Sector
  • Health Care Sector
  • Hospitality & Catering Sector
  • Public Amenities
  • Home Environment
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Wipe Size33 x 29cm
Wipes per pack50
Packs per carton 18